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Weightloss Tea
Product Name:Weightloss Tea
Our Price:$30.00
Product Number:pn-320110
Product Weight:1 lb.

 Product Detail

Weight Loss Tea:
Hoang Anh Weight Loss Tea is a refined composite of high grade tea and six kinds of medicinal herbs prepared based on modern scientific process. Hoang Anh Loss Weight Tea shows distinctive effects on resolving bodily fat and reducing weight, reducing both cholesterol and blood pressure, regulating the enterogastric function, clearing away heart-fire, improving complexion and removing halitosis.

Hoang Anh Weight Loss Tea follows the international standard of slimming but without causing the side-effects of low appetite, diarrhea or weakness. Tests have proven that the tea has distinctive. No more feeling weak when on a diet! No more missing out a meal! Just drink a few cups of tea a day and grow fit and slim at the same time.

Total saponins, tea polyphenols, poria, fructus crataegi, semen raphaini, etc.

Dosage & Usage:
Take one pack of Hoang Anh Weight Loss Tea and make your own tea with hot water for your enjoyment at any time. No diet is required. A sachet of the tea is soaked in approximately 170 milliliters of boiling water for five to ten minutes. This can be done for 2 times in a rove. Drink the tea.

Packing: 2 grams x 25 sachets/packet.

Storage: To be kept airtight in cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Shelf Time: 36 months.

Functions & Indications:
Reducing weight, decreasing lipids in blood, preventing obesity, preserving health and beauty. Used for skin whitening, prevent of spots & freckles caused by exposure to the sun, prevent roughness & dryness, and slow down the aging process.

* Preventing Fat: By inhibiting gastrointestinal lipases, preventing hydrolysis of 3 acid glycerol in intestinal and absorption of fat in the diet, so that the fat expel from body before digestion.

* Burning Fat: Fully burning fat and speed up circulation of metabolism to discharges large energy calories.

* Balancing Nutrition: When super nutritional supplements are in process of consumption and burning fat, they will supplement nutrition to achieve a balance of fat consumption and energy conversion.

Not applicable for woman in pregnancy and patients of cordis-vasal disease and apoplexy.

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