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Product Name:JOYFUL SLIM
Our Price:$49.95
Availability:In Stock
Product Number:pn-32072
Product Weight:1 lb.

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Product Description The best way to enjoy life is being Healthy and slim. All our diet products are designed to suppress your appetite, to help you stay away from the kinds of high-calorie food you shouldn't eat every day (thereby reducing your calorie intake) and speed up your body's metabolism (to enable you to burn more calories). They have been tested by thousands of people all around the world and proven to be highly effective, helping overweight people to lose their weight and get the slim figure they want to have. Each Capsule Contains: Bitter Orange Extract(250mg): increases metabolism, increases caloric expenditure, promotes weight loss, and increases energy levels. Synephrine is the primary active alkaloid in Bitter Orange. Synephrine stimulates your body�s adrenal gland promoting effective fat burning, appetite suppression and natural energy. Chinese Hawthorn(35mg): strengthens stomach invigorates circulation and eliminates blood stasis as well as assisting in the digestion of greasy foods. Sickle-Pod Senna Seed(30mg): Moistens the intestine to alleviate constipation, improves vision acuity. Purges the liver of undesirables. Disintegrates food masses especially important for prolonged obesity. (Laxative effect) has been used as a coffee substitute. Oyster Shell(45mg): softens and loosens hard masses to relieve constipation. Neutralizes acidity to alleviate stomach pain. Joyfulslim Natural Herb for Weight Loss is an improved herbal supplement based on the Slim30 Natural Herb for Weight Loss. The all-natural ingredients of this great product are Chinese Hawthorn, Sickle-pod Senna Seed, Oyster Shell, and Bitter Orange. Joyfulslim provides the same robust and excellent results in just 30 days . Only ONE capsule every day Targets your neck! No diarrhea Targets your abdomen! No weight rebound Targets your waist! No diet restrictions Targets your hips! Maintain beautiful skin Absolutely no side effects Directions: 1 capsule a day before or after breakfast. Do not take more capsules than recommended. Please drink more water and eat more vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. WARNING: Not intended for use by persons under 18 or those with medical conditions. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not take this product if your blood pressure is unusually low. People with uncontrollably high blood pressures should consult their physicians before using this product. Do not take this product unless your constipation has been resolved. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Improper use of this product will not improve results and is not advised. Use only as directed.

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